Barringer Lectures

Barringer Lectures at the Meteoritical Society Meetings

 2017 Harrison Hagan Schmitt Return To the Moon
 2016 Mark McCaughreanRosetta: To Catch a Comet
 2014 Philippe Taquet Meteorites and Dinosaurs
 2013 Peter Brown 

Fireballs Producing Meteorites: from Tagish Lake toChelyabinsk 

 2012 Stuart Ross Taylor Origin of Planetary Systems
 2011 Martin ReesBig Bang to Biosphere
 2010 Sean C. Solomon
Exploring Mercury with the MESSENGER Spacecraft
 2009 Jean Cave
She called me "My Martian"
 2008 Manabu Kato
Kaguya Mission Challenges to Origin and Evolution of the Moon
 2007 Peter Smith
The Phoenix Mission Explores the Martian Arctic
 2006 Michel Mayor
From Gaseous Giants to Rocky Planets
 2005 Jeff Hester
Understanding Our Origins: Formation of Sun-like Stars in HII Region Environments
 2004 A. P. GuimarãesMagnetism in the Universe
 2003 Rainer AlbertzThe Weal and Woe of Civilization: A Modern Message of Ancient Near Eastern Cultures
 2002 Michael C. MalinHighlights from the Mars Global Survey Orbital Camera
 2001 Dava SobelGalileos Daughter
 2000 Torrence Johnson
The Moons of Jupiter: Discovered by Galileo, the Man - Explored by Galileo, the Spacecraft
 1999 Clark ChapmanThe NEAR Mission: Insights about Asteroidal Cratering